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LIS Update: Encoding of Learner’s Quarterly Grades by Learning Area


The facilities for Integration of NAT and Learner’s Quarterly Grades are now available in the LIS.

Important Reminders:

Key Features:

  • Accepts whole numbers only;
  • The minimum grade input is 60;
  • The maximum grade input is 100;
  • Automatically computes for the Final Grade per learning area and displays its corresponding remarks;
  • Saves the learner’s grade even if the input is incomplete;
  • Generates an Excel copy of the learner’s grades.

Access is not yet available for the following:

  • Public Senior High School
  • Public Schools with Special Programs
  • All Private Schools Kindergarten
  • Learners under Special Education (SPED) Program
  • Learners with enrollment issues (e.g., pending enrollment/transfers/approval)


• For transferees, the receiving school will encode/re-encode their grades for the current School Year. The procedure of encoding Quarterly Grades

1. Go to the LIS website http://lis.deped.gov.ph and log in using your account

2. Once logged in under DepEd Apps, click Learner Information System.

3. Click the List of Classes tab.

4. Click the View Enrolment button.

5. Click the Pencil icon in the Grading column.

6. Input the Grades in the text box.

a. For Grade 1


  • Filipino starts in 2nd Quarter; English starts in 3rd Quarter
  • No Science subject
  • With Mother Tongue subject

b. For Grade 2


  • No Science subject
  • With Mother Tongue subject

c. For Grade 3


• With Mother Tongue subject

d. For Grades 4-10


• With Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan / TLE subject

7. Click Save, a notification will appear “Learner Grade has been updated”.

8. To generate report, click the Report button.

9. Click the downloaded Excel file from the download library.

10. The status will be reflected in the masterlist once updated

Promoted with Highest Honors: General Average Value is 98-100
Promoted with High Honors: General Average Value is 95-97
Promoted with Honors: General Average Value is 90-94
Promoted: All Learning Areas got 75-89 Final Rating
Conditionally Promoted: 1-2 Learning Areas got 74-below Final Rating
Retained: 3 or more learning areas got 74-blow Final Rating
No Status: No input or Incomplete input

Download the User Guide here: Download

Here’s the Step by Step Guide on how to encode Quarterly Grades: Download

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