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Advisory: Grant of Service Recognition Incentive 2022(SRI)


Administrative Order IA0) No. I authorizes the grant of a one-time Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) for FY 2022 at a uniform rate not exceeding Twenty Thousand Pesos (PhP20,000.00) for each of qualified employees of the national government.

The funding requirement for the purpose will be sourced from available FY 2022 released allotments for Personnel Services and may be augmented by available FY 2022 allotment for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses,. subject to rules on .

DepEd shall provide a rate of Fifteen Thousand Pesos (PhP15,000.00) SRI per eligible employee. Finance Undersecretary Analyn M. Sevilla has been instructed to process and release the SRI not earlier than December 20. 20222 but not later than January 6. 2023.

Once the funds for the purpose have been modified and made available by the Department of Budget and Management, the said incentive shall be paid through cash to the qualified DepEd official, and employees, and not thru the usual crediting to their respective ATM payroll accounts.

In this regard, the disbursements should be made through Cash Advance (CA). For the teachers and other school personnel, the CAs can be drawn by the DepEd Schools Division Office (SDO)/implementing Unit (IU) cashier/disbursing officer.

Hence, concerned Officials/School Heads are encouraged to strategize and start working on their payout plans in order to avoid the building up of long tines/ queuing in their respective areas and to ensure that the full amount of the incentive will be received by DepEd officials and employees subject to existing budgeting, accounting and auditing regulations.

Here’s the memo:

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