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DepEd asks schools to hold ‘simple yet meaningful’ Christmas parties 


The Department of Education (DepED) asks schools and offices to ensure that Christmas parties will be held in a “simple yet meaningful” manner.

The agency published rules for the celebration of Christmas within the DepED in DepED Order No. 52 series of 2022, signed by Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte on Nov. 2.

Given this, DepED Central and field offices as well as public schools were instructed to make sure that Christmas celebrations were “simple yet significant.”

DepEd asked everyone concerned in its most recent release to ensure that all Christmas gatherings, themes, costumes, decorations, and gift exchanges remain voluntary.

No learner or DepEd employee should be required to participate in the event or spend money on it, the department stated.

DepEd also stressed that contributions for celebrations in schools or offices, whether in cash or kind, “should be strictly voluntary.”

No student “should be prohibited from participating in the Christmas celebration by reason of their failure to give the voluntary contribution or absence of a prepared present,” the agency continued.

To help ensure that celebrations in schools and offices are “practicable,” DepEd said, “Christmas party themes should not result in expenses that will become a burden on parents.

For decoration, Deped encourages schools and offices to use recycled old Christmas decorations. Furthermore, DepEd said that no learner or personnel should be “required to make decors specifically for a party.”

Christmas parties in schools, DepED added, may also be organized within class hours “so long as it does not interfere with the scheduled lesson plans intended to be taught to the students.”

The conduct of Christmas parties and other similar year-end activities, however, “shall not impair the performance of departmental services,” DepEd offices were warned.

When it comes to gift-giving, DepED said that this should be “guided by the spirit and of sharing and should not lead to extravagant spending.”

DepED personnel were also reminded that solicitations, whether in cash or in-kind, are not allowed for Christmas parties or holiday celebrations.

According to DepED, this order’s provisions apply to every school and office in the country.

Subject to the established standards, Schools Division Offices (SDOs) were also allowed to publish additional rules based on their particular regional traditions and customs.


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