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DepEd suspends school-based management (SBM) validation activities


The Department of Education (DepEd) has temporarily suspended division and regional School-Based Management (SBM) validation operations to help held offices and schools in their gradual transition to a new policy.

The moratorium mentioned above was declared in DepEd Memorandum No. 75 series of 2022, dated August 26, and signed by the Undersecretary and Chief of Staff Epimaco Densing III.

DepEd stated that “all ongoing and planned activities relative to the conduct of the validation process to determine the SBM level of Practice by the school’s division offices (SDOs) and regional offices (ROs) shall be held in abeyance” with regard to the policy development of the revised guidelines on the implementation of the DepEd School-Based Management (SBM) Framework.

According to DepEd, the aforementioned moratorium is implemented to assist and prepare holding offices and schools for their gradual transition from DepEd Order No. 83, s. 2012, also known as the new SBM policy’s Implementing Guidelines on the Revised School-Based Management Framework, Assessment Process, and Tool (APAT).

All undersecretaries, assistant secretaries, bureau and service directors, regional directors, school division superintendents, public elementary and secondary school heads, and all other parties involved were informed of the moratorium on the conduct of division and regional school-based management validation activities.

The DepEd stated that field offices “should observe a practice-based supply of technical support during this period in place of recognition-based validation operations.”

The SDOs must “offer the necessary technical help for the continual improvement of school practices and processes on areas recognized as dimensions of school operations,” according to DepEd.

ROs are also expected to “extend support and training to their SDOs to enhance capacity in providing technical assistance to schools.”

Likewise, SDOs and ROs shall “strengthen and further develop their tools and mechanisms to ensure relevance and enhance the efficiency of the provision of their respective technical assistance.”

DepEd stated that schools “shall continue to undergo self-assessment using the existing SBM tool with the purpose of identifying areas for improvement,”, especially in various aspects of school operations like leadership, governance and accountability, human resources and team development, finance, and resource management and mobilization, curriculum and instruction, and learning environment.

“This moratorium shall remain in effect until the new SBM policy is issued,” DepEd said.

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