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DepEd strictly prohibits the conduct of extra-curricular activities this school year 2022-2023


The conduct of extracurricular activities during this school year (SY) 2022–2023 is strictly prohibited according to a directive issued by the Department of Education (DepEd). The regulation reiterates that all school days must be totally devoted to academics and co-curricular activities that complement them.

“The number of school days in this DepEd Order (DO) should solely be committed to academics and related co-curricular activities; the conduct of extra-curricular activities shall be strictly prohibited,” according to the DepEd Order.

Extracurricular activities are student interactions that are offered/coordinated by the school to support the learner’s overall development but are not evaluated and are not anchored on the curriculum’s content and performance criteria. (Not permitted)

The allowed curricular and co-curricular activities include the National Schools Press Conference, National Science and Technology Fair, National Festival of Talent, and other similar undertakings, which may be conducted in a hybrid modality subject to the declared alert levels of the country. The DO also stated that the eleventh week of each quarter may be used for the conduct of co-curricular activities.

The directive made clear that while virtual activities on various social media platforms that call for comments or sharing may be carried out for causes like advocacy, awareness, or collaboration, they are not to count toward the learner’s academic grade.

Schools are also encouraged to include these holidays and observances into curricular activities as they see fit, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the overall number of instructional days or the total number of school days.

Please refer to DepEd Order no.34 s. 2022 http://DO_s2022_034.pdf

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