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Laptop Update: Supplier must replace laptops if slow


According to the Department of Education, teachers who received the expensive but sluggish computers recently highlighted by the Commission on Audit (COA) may be eligible for a suitable replacement device (DepEd).

However, DepEd would need to first assess the claim that the laptops bought by the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) for P2.3 billion were slow, according to DepEd spokesperson Michael Poa during a press conference on Wednesday. 

Poa said that DepEd will think about “quick fixes” to the problems after the evaluation so that the computers could still be utilized when classes resumed on August 22.

“We are trying to remedy the situation because the teachers will use the laptops given to them last year for this coming school year,” Poa pointed out.

“[But] if the laptops are confirmed to be really slow and not up to par with what we wanted, then, as far as I understand, they are still covered with warranty and could be replaced,” he added.

“If it is proven that the laptops delivered do not perform as they should be as purchased, we will then consider available legal remedies—which is to invoke the warranty provision,” and DepEd could compel the supplier to fix or replace the laptops, Poa said.

“If need be, invoking the warranty provider will be done in coordination with PS-DBM, as they are the procuring entity,” he added.

But he made it clear that, while the computers were being evaluated, there was no immediate order or direction to replace them.


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