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Marcoses will try to revise children’s textbooks -Bello


Vice Presidential candidate Walden Bello stated the Marcoses will try to change the contents of children’s textbooks on Martial Law, but that it will be difficult.

“Napakarami ng mga libro na nagki-criticize kay Marcos and the father. Anong gagawin sa mga librong ito? Susunugin ba? Kasi andami niyan eh. Iba-iba ever since 1986,” he said during a virtual press conference.

Independent authors’ writings, as well as textbooks in private and Catholic schools, all portray Martial Law as a dismal moment in Philippine history, according to Bello.

“Ang problema lang dyan ay talagang mahihirapan silang gawin yan kasi nakabantay ang marami, nakabantay ang press, nakabantay ang media sa mga pangyayaring ganito. So it will be an effort at historical revisionism but it will be very difficult to do,” he added.

His election aroused fears about historical revisionism, with a tweet from a press conference in January 2020 resurfacing on Twitter on Wednesday.

Similar concerns were raised when his campaign mate, likely vice president Sara Duterte-Carpio, was appointed Secretary of Education.


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