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Classes suspended, non-teaching shall continue onsite duties


The Secretary of Education at the joint Execom-Mancom meeting held this Friday, in consideration of the interests of the service and the teaching force, approved the recommendation of the Regional Directors and Division Superintendents filed by the Governance and Operations Strand to allow teachers not to report on-site from May 2 to 13.

There will be no classes in public schools starting today, May 2, until May 13, 2022, to give way to election-related activities.

Meanwhile, some Schools Division Offices (SDOs) released the following instructions:

  1. Teachers not serving in 2022 the National and Local Elections shall work on their teaching activities/ tasks at home.
  2. Teachers who will serve as EBs, DESO, and staff shall report to their respective school assignments (election duties) to prepare their polling precincts.
  3. Teachers need not register in the QTime. Just reflect in the DTR- “Suspension of classes”.
  4. Non-teaching personnel (including school heads) shall continue reporting to their assigned school.
  5. Non-teaching personnel (such as SDO personnel) assigned as DESO, EB or staff to other schools shall have their locator slips or travel order approved by the SDS (for SDO staff) and Principals (for school personnel).

However, these reminders are still based on the announcement of your Schools Division Offices. Please coordinate with your School Heads. Please be guided.

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