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Most common questions about DepEd’s PBB 2019 answered!


Here’s the most common questions about DepEd’s PBB 2019 answered by Usec. Sevilla.

What are the indicators the Department has met?

——1. What is the result of the AO25Task Force evaluation of the performance of DepEd for 2019? DepEd met 13 out of the 15 indicators/conditions.

The 13 indicators that DepEd has met are as follows:

1. Transparency Seal

2. PhilGEPS Posting

3. Streamlining and Process Improvement (SPI) of Agency Services

4. Posting of Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statement and Financial Disclosures

5. Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance

6. Posting of Agency’s System of Ranking Delivery Units

7. QMS Requirement

8. Submission of Financial Reports

9. Compliance with at least 30% of Prior Years’ Audit Recommendations

10. Submission of FY 2019 APP non-CSE

11. Submission of FY 2020 APP-CSE

12. Submission of FY 2018 APCPI

13. Budget Utilization Rate (BUR)

The two (2) non-compliant are Posting of Indicative FY 2020 APP Non-CSE and Undertaking of Early Procurement for atleast 50% of goods and services.

—– 2. What will happen to those non-teaching personnel not covered by l/eligible to the PBB?

For PBB 2019, DepEd is eligible as an agency. Teaching and non teaching personnel are eligible, but selected accountable offices or officers in the non-compliant regions will be isolated. The said officials or personnel will be included in the isolation list and will be ineligible for the grant of PBB 2019, subject to the approval of the IATF (AO25TF).

—- 3. What happens after the Department receives the confirmation of the eligibility from the AO25 TF? After confirmation that DepEd is deemed eligible for PBB 2019, DBM will facilitate the release of the bonuses. The School based personnel will be the first one to receive their bonuses. SDO-based Personnel who are assigned in the schools comes next. Followed by SDOs, ROs and CO. DBM will download the funds to its Regional Offices (ROs), then directly release it to DepEd ROs and SDOs to the respective personnel eligible for the grant of PBB.

— 4. How long will the process be for the bonuses to be received by the personnel? Based on previous years’ PBB pay-out, the processing time depends on the completeness of documents during the validation period (ranking, eligibility and isolation list) and downloading of funds from DBM to the ROs, ROs to SDOs and SDOs to personnel.

from: Usec. Annalyn Sevilla

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