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Performance Task Quarter 2 Grade 1-Grade 6/ All Subjects


Performance Tasks

With quizzes and periodical examinations no longer feasible under the blended learning setup, the Department of Education has revised its assessment and grading policy for students in basic education.

Prior to the pandemic, classroom recitations, quizzes and periodical examinations were indispensible aspects of the learning process.

But the recent shift to distance learning modalities has rendered these traditional assessment tools difficult to administer, if not totally obsolete.

Restrictions imposed due to the corona-virus pandemic led to a major overhaul of the education system globally, including in the Philippines.

The new setup poses challenges, such as the need to have a flexible assessment and grading system that takes into account the different learning modalities chosen by the students.

“Distance learning poses challenges for teachers and learners in the conduct of assessment, including limitations on giving immediate feedback, and the need to account for different contexts in designing, implementing and grading assessment tasks,” the policy read.

“Schools must adopt assessment and grading practices that can most meaningfully support student development and respond to varied contexts at this time,” it added.

These performance task assessments shall be included to the Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) that will be sent to the learners. Other divisions scheduled to send these tasks separately. All Performance task assessments results shall be recorded and will appear to the records of every learner.

Here’s our Grade 1- Grade 6 to be recorded for the Second Quarter.

Note: Please log-in to your gmail account to be able to download files from the Google Drive.

Download files below:

Grade 1 Performance Tasks Q2 DOWNLOAD
Grade 2 Performance Tasks Q2DOWNLOAD
Grade 3 Performance Tasks Q2DOWNLOAD
Grade 4 Performance Tasks Q2DOWNLOAD
Grade 5 Performance Tasks Q2DOWNLOAD
Grade 6 Performance Tasks Q2DOWNLOAD

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