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Downloadable Daily Log/Accomplishment Report, Form 48,E-Class,Anecdotal Forms and more


In Compliance with the Deped Order #11, s.2020 – Page 8

c) The time and attendance or the actual time log (in and out) shall be monitored as reflected in the Office/School/CLC Workweek Plan (Enclosure No. 2) and Individual Daily Log and Accomplishment Report (Enclosure No. 3) as approved by the head of office; and

d) No record of accomplishment means no work has been performed for the day, thus, subjecting the staff to absence.

Hence, we are obliged to make an accomplishment report for our activities made for the month. Here’s the sample copy for the files we need to accomplish.

Download files below:


FORM 48 (Daily Time Record)

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