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Grammar and Reading Passages #1


We all know the importance of using images in a passage or a story. It is to communicate a message, which is an essential tool for reading teachers. As the proverb tells us, a picture tells a thousand words.

Here are a few ways images can enhance a story:

Images grab attention: If you include an image in a passage or in a story, it will grab the reader’s attention better than a block of text. This may lead to more interests in reading.  

Images tell a story: Sometimes a picture is better at communicating a story than the written word. A learner can imagine a scene in a story if it is accompanied with a picture.

Images can convey a message quickly: A picture is a great way to convey your message quickly to a reader without them reading through a lot of text. One of the reason learners love to read more.

Shareability: Images can be easily shared by other people, which means your story will be seen to a larger audience. You will never know that your story or instructional materials already reached in many sites.

Download below:

Grammar sheets for download

Reading Passages #1 for download

Reading Passages #2 for download

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