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Thinking Log for Learners


The Thinking Log is where the learners write their reflection, experiences, or insights for the subject/s of the day. The Thinking Log will be part of the learner’s Portfolio.

It shall be prepared by the subject teachers without any signatories to be consolidated by the class adviser and shall be based on the actual implemented class program.

It shall be distributed together with the learning modules and can be retrieved together with the modules.

The first part is the date/day. The second part is the subjects. They will write the schedule based on the class program.

The 3rd part is My reflection. After the pupil is done answering the module, he/ she will write the reflection based on the questions.

These are the sample questions that you may write or modify in the  reflection.

1st question: Things I learned today.

-Dito isusulat ng bata ang mga natutunan nya sa mga subjects na kanyang sinagutan at pinag-aralan.

2nd Things I like most in the lessons.

-Dito naman isusulat ng bata, kung ano ang pinaka-nagustuhan niya sa lessons

3rd, Questions I want to ask.

– Sa parte na ito ay isusulat ng bata ang kanyang mga katanungan o topic na kung saan siya nahihirapan. Sa pamamagitan nito malalaman at matutulungan siya ng kanyang guro sa kanyang pag-aaral.

4th: My most enjobale experience in the lessons

-Ito ay kung ano ang pinaka nagustuhan o pinaka na-enjoy n’yang activities base sa kanyang nagawa o natutunan sa mga lessons.

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