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Individual Learning Monitoring Plan


What is Individual Learning Monitoring Plan?

The Individual Learning Monitoring Plan will be used to monitor learner progress based on the given intervention strategies.

It is more specific tool which shall be used by teachers and learning facilitators for learners who lag behind as shown by the results of their formative and summative assessments. By providing intervention strategies for certain period, the Individual Learning Monitoring Plan serves as the document that will show if the learner has shown either mastery of the learning competencies, significant progress, or insignificant progress.

This will be prepared by the subject teachers and to be approved by school principal.

The Individual Learning Monitoring Plan shall be utilized to monitor learner progress:

a. Serve as feedback data for learners who are provided with intervention activities.

b. Provide a mechanism of support to learners who are lagging behind as manifested by the results of formative and summative assessments which may be gathered through their portfolio or collected samples of learning outputs.

c. Make the parents/guardians aware of the academic progress of their children and encourage them to strengthen their involvement in guiding and supervising the learning of their children at home.

d. Help decide on the effectiveness of the learning modality adopted for the learner and the possible modifications/adjustments that should be provided to improve learners’ performance.

e. Guide teachers in adjusting learning content and tasks based on the characteristics, cognitive ability, readiness, interest, and profile of the learner.

The Individual Learning Monitoring Plan shall consist of the following parts:

  • Learners Needs
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Monitoring Date
  • Learners Status
  • Insignificant Progress
  • Significant Progress
  • Mastery

This is from MEMORANDUM DM-CI-2020-00162, from Undersecretary DIOSDADO M. SAN ANTONIO

Download file here: Sample Individual Learning Monitoring Plan

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