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Supplemental Reading and Math Materials – Kinder to Grade 6


These supplemental learning material is to help our learners at home. Especially today that we are facing the pandemic. Learners should be independent enough to to learn. Parents should help their children to be independent as a preparation in modular learning.

Independent learning is very important that a student should practice. The amount of time that students devote to independent study could be much greater than is the case in most schools. Although often identified as a tool for meeting the needs of gifted students, an independent study should be available for all.

Students differ in their degree of self-direction, creativity, and performance, but all can profit from a greater amount of independence.

In the past independent study has too often been viewed as being synonymous with learning by doing or with special term projects. Independent study needs to be viewed as an integral part of the total process of learning in all fields.

The materials should describe the required outcomes in terms that each student can understand. Concepts and skills should be defined in behavioral terms. Below are materials that might help our learners for their learning.


Grade 1 Materials

Grade 2 Materials

Grade 3 Materials

Grade 4 Materials

Grade 5 Materials

Grade 6 Materials

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