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May 30 Update – Teachers task on June 1


The Department of Education said that Teachers are not required to report physically on June 1, but they need to have their work assignment plan.

Teachers’ duties will depend on the work assignment plan to be presented to your Principal. If you will be asked by your Principal to report to school physically, you need to give the reason why it’s not possible especially to those places under GCQ and Modified GCQ.

For class advisers, their duties starting June 1 according to the new enrollment procedures will conduct remote enrollment, and remote enrolling is not necessarily be conduct in school.

Class advisers shall contact each learner from the advisory class of 2019-2020 using the contact information found in SF 1 and data obtained from early registration. Contact remotely is advised through text messaging, phone calls, and Facebook messenger.

Advisers will reach out to previous pupils in any connections available. In this case, teachers are not required to report in school anymore because they can perform their tasks at home.

Teachers without advisory classes shall be appointed as Enrollment Focal Persons (EFP) and others will be given new tasks by the Principal.

Workweek Accomplishment Report and work assignment will be attached to the Daily Time Record (DTR) by the end of the month.

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