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Tulang Pambata – Remedial Reading Materials


When a child Learns to Read

Phonics is simply the method of teaching someone to read by sounding out letters and letter groups. Phonics practice can involve reading books with only simple words, many of which rhyme or have similar letter patterns.

Most children learn to recognize letters between ages 3 and 4. Typically, children will recognize the letters in their name first. By age 5, most kindergarteners begin to make sound-letter associations, such as knowing that “book” starts with the letter B.

To introduce the concept of letters and sounds, start by showing your child the letters in her name. Name each letter and sound out each sound. You can do this with other words that interest her (mom, dad, baby, etc.). Once your child knows most of the letters in the alphabet, point to letters in the books you read with her, and ask her what they are. Show her how you sound out simple words.

Another way to encourage children to read is by using colorful and attractive materials like pictures, so they can picture read. Most of the learners love to read funny stories with pictures. Poetry through poems or “tula” may interest them because of its rhyming words.

Below are “Tulang Pambata” for our remedial and reading classes. Download now for free.

Credit to Maam Kristine Bernadette F. Dimacali. Thanks for sharing!

Just click each picture to download.

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