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Grade 1 – Grade 6 Q4 Week 2 Daily Lesson Log


Hello ka-Guro! Greetings to all of you. I want to share my thoughts for today. I have this idea of getting some rest from my work. Not because I don’t have concern for my pupils but for myself. I wan’t to give myself a break from everything I do every day in school.

Saying said that in able us to have less stress from work, find your support system to help you and that’s your friends at school. What if your friends gave you stress? Then they hate you for no reasons? What if they don’t care? What will you do?

That will surely give you of feeling that you are left behind. Feeling like you are alone. No one is there to help. You even ask your self if what is the matter? Is there any problem with you? Or maybe you need to meditate and need some advice from a professional in dealing with friends.

So I told to myself, maybe I need a break. I need to have some time for myself. I need to sign up my leave form for me to reflect things. But when? This school year is almost over. Maybe not now but soon. As of this moment I need to get back from the reality and do my daily lesson logs.

Here’s our DLL collection from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Let’s share!

Grade 1 Q4 Week 2 DLL

Grade 2 Q4 Week 2 DLL

Grade 3 Q4 Week 2 DLL

Grade 4 Q4 Week 2 DLL

Grade 5 Q4 Week 2 DLL

Grade 6 Q4 Week 2 DLL

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