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Grade 2 Per Subjects DLL Q4 Week 1


Hello ka-Guro! It’s Quarter 4. Some schools have their examination done last week. They decided to proceed and make other competencies that are left behind as a remedial to their classes. Others will just continue their lessons after the examination.

Daily Lesson Log is always available on our page and on our website Guroako.com. All you have to do is to read and edit the daily lesson log if it fits to your competencies and should be anchored to your budget of work and Teaching Guides.

Reading your plan before going to your classes is very important. Others would just simply print and go because they think they knew already the topic and objectives of the lessons. You must give activities that would fit your plan and should be congruent to your daily log.

Always remember, we must be ready all the time. Check your Logs before going to your classes so everything will flow according to what its objectives. This time here’s our Daily Logs for Quarter 4 Week 1. Please open the highlighted files to edit your name.

Download Per Subject DLL below:

ESP 2 Q4 Week 1

Filipino 2 Q4 Week 1

Araling Panlipunan 2 Q4 Week 1

MTB 2 Q4 Week 1

English 2 Q4 Week 1

Mathematics 2 Q4 Week 1

MAPEH 2 Q4 Week 1

-Credit to Maam Estrellita S. Vinzon

-Edited per Subject by Guro Ako Team

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