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Grade 2 Per Subject and All Subjects DLL Q3 Week 9


How do you plan to grow professionally as a teacher?

Professional Development: Promote Student Growth

  1. Set high expectations for student achievement.
  2. Convey confidence in your students. Let students know that you believe in them.
  3. Give opportunities to contribute. Let students give their opinions and learning in a validating atmosphere they learn better and achieve higher results.
  4. Give specific feedback. Individualized feedback (not simply ‘good job’) has one of the highest effects on student achievement.
  5. Provide high levels of support. Always give your support to what they do for the lessons and other school activities.
  6. Use the Goldilocks principle. Providing not too easy tasks, not too hard and probably just right is very important.
  7. Use the most-recent educational technology.  The role of educational technology today in teaching is of great importance. With the help of various materials on the Internet, teachers, and students themselves can see the advantage of educational technology.

  • Plan instructional strategies.
  • Instructional strategies are techniques teachers use to help students become independent, strategic learners. Apply higher-order thinking skills is very iportant.
  • Use cooperative learning.
  • Cooperative learning is an organized and structured way to use small groups to enhance student learning. Students are given a task, better known as an assignment, and they work together to accomplish this task. This is the essence of a cooperative learning group in a classroom.
  • Apply classroom management technique

To manage pupils in your classroom, you must:

-Understand Your Students.
-Be Patient.
-Set Limits.
-Keep to the Schedule You Set.
-Walk Around.
-Be Aware of the Causes of Behaviors.

Here’s our DLL for Q3 Week 9

ESP 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

Araling Panlipunan 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

MTB 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

English 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

MAPEH 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

Filipino 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

Mathematics 2 Q3 Week 9 DLL

*credit to Maam Estrellita S. Vinzon
*Edited per subject by Guro Ako

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Grade 2 DLL All Subjects Q3 Week 9


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