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Monthly Salary of P30,000 to Private School Teachers pushed

photo source: CNN

Hon. France Castro, ACT Teachers Party-list Representative has filed a bill raising the monthly salary of all private school teachers to 30,000.00 pesos.

Under House Bill 5166, Solon proposed for a better pay to private school teachers particularly those assigned to Basic Education.

Castro stated that private school teachers received lower monthly salaries compare to public school teachers that is why she filed a bill increasing their minimum salary to 30,000.

ACT Teachers Party-list Representative – France Castro

She added that teachers from private schools are not spared from huge classes, teaching loads and other paper work assigned aside from their teaching responsibility. They are also overworked and under paid.

There are even report that some teachers from private elementary and secondary is being paid salaries ranging from 3,000- 6,000 pesos despite being a licensed Professional Teachers.

She added that an extra pay would help private school teachers boost their morale as a teacher and attract more teachers in Private Schools.

Source: Inquirer

What can you say to this article? If only they will give the starting salary of 30,000 pesos to all Private and Public Teachers than the salary increase of P52.00 per month we will be happier.

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