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Netizens reacts on Bill lowering the Age of Retirement at 56

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Manila, Philippines – Government workers who have reached the age of 56 years may file for retirement and be entitled to an old-age pension for life from the GSIS.

The House of Representatives on Monday approved on third and final reading a measure lowering the optional retirement age of government employees from 60 to 56.

The chamber passed House Bill 5509, which seeks to amend Section 13-A of Republic Act 8291, otherwise known as the “Government Service Insurance (GSIS) Act of 1997” ,with 192 affirmative votes, zero negative votes, and no abstention.

The bill allows government workers to have an option to terminate their employment at an early age without substantial loss to their monthly income.

“Respect and humane consideration demand that a person of 55 years — a few years shy of being a senior citizen — should not be required to perform the arduous functions expected of a public-school teacher in the Philippines. At such stage of their lives, public school teachers should at least be given the choice if they wish to rest from the profession and enjoy better and healthy years ahead,” Rep. France Castro said. (Principal author of the bill) 

This news made us- teachers all over the country very happy. We can now enjoy life outside school after 56 years old. We can also have more time to spend with our family before reaching the the moment of our lives were we cannot able to do things because of old age.

But, not all of us are happy. Here’s the comment of our friends from the private sectors regarding this bill.

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