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Grade 5 Quarter 3 Week 5 Daily Lesson Log


Grade 5 Quarter 3 Week 5 Daily Lesson Log

Hello ka-Guro! Here’s our DLL for this week but before that, please read our article below. Thank you!

Ways on how to be financially free

If you received your hard-earned money make sure to use it wisely as the holiday unfolds. It may be tempting to buy anything you want or to treat yourself to a pricey extra after enduring the stress of the holidays. Resist that temptation. A smart money moves today could become a much bigger treat tomorrow. Before you spend too much on things you wanted to have or spending too much on an expensive night out and have debt later, consider these ways to keep in mind for us to be financially free.

What if, you are financially free, used to have a comfortable life and suddenly your finances turn out to be the major problem in the family? What are you going to do? How do you solve the problem? One of the major root causes of debt is the unwillingness to change lifestyles even when circumstances in life have changed. First, you have no other choice but to change your lifestyle.

Change Your Lifestyle, Spend Less.  When your expenses increased yet your income is still the same, there are adjustments that need to be done and you must be willing to change your lifestyle. People spend too much more than they earn. What will you expect? Many people still maintain their old lifestyle, the result, they get into debt.

Always Be Open-minded for Other Opportunities. If changing your lifestyle isn’t enough, it is time for you to look at an opportunity for other sources of income. We have to keep an open mind so we can allow ourselves to attract opportunities. Try to apply for a side job, buy and sell business or online jobs to get extra income that would cover up other payables. Keeping an open mind means being open to all possibilities.

Get out from your comfort zone. We get so accustomed to doing something and maybe too comfortable with what we have been doing for the longest time. Now when it comes to trying new things, we try to resist change because you refuse to move out of our comfort zones. For things to change, we have to change. For things to get better, we have to get better.

Save As Much As You Can. The main goal and objective in making more money are not for us to spend more but to save. We can miss the whole point of working extra-long hours and sacrificing time away from family. Saving means setting aside money on a regular basis, preferably from every salary. Reducing your spending, as opposed to earning more money, is the real key to gaining control of your finances. Unfortunately, many people spend everything they earn or even live beyond their means.

These are some strategies on how to be wise enough in handling our finances that would help us to be financially free. This time here’s our Daily Lesson Log for Quarter 3 Week 5. Please open the highlighted files below.

ESP 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

Araling Panlipunan 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

English 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

Mathematics 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

Science 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

Filipino 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

EPP 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

MAPEH 5 DLL Q3 Week 5 

***credits to Maam Ednalyn D. Macaraig

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