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Grade 2 Quarter 2 Summative Test


We are the best Instructional Material

As a Teacher, I am aware that my students are unique individuals and there are important factors to be considered in constructing effective instructional material. Some factors are diverse user interests, abilities, backgrounds, cultures, languages, gender, and maturity levels.

Materials intended for student use should be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, social development, ability levels, special needs, and learning styles of students served by the collection. The Materials to be selected should support, enrich and extend the school’s curriculum and encourage informational, educational and recreational reading, viewing and/or listening.

It is important to provide the best Instructional material for all kinds of learners. Materials that could catch their interests and could support their subconscious minds. We use many presentations to deliver our lessons well. Using PowerPoint presentation that can be presented in LED TV and projectors is in demand nowadays. But what is the best instructional material?

Teaching is a total package. It is true that the teacher is the best instructional material because the teacher is the one who manages the classroom. As the saying goes “you are the captain of your mind and the master of your soul” teacher is the captain of the classroom because of molding the minds of the students to become competent and independent individuals when it comes to excellence.

We are the master of the classroom because of proving good feedback and developing the potential of the students through nurturing their minds to the possibilities in life. Using strategies or techniques that are varied to make teaching effective and meaningful is also a big factor for the students so that they can build confidence and have mastery of the subject matter.

We are the best Instructional material so we need to be presentable in front of our pupils. Wearing a simple make- up can catch the attention of the class. We want our pupils to be attentive. To get their attention, we need to look beautiful. Wear an eye-catching lipstick and put your powder on to look clean and beautiful. They are just kids but they can appreciate what they see.

Download Files below:

Grade 2 Quarter 2 Summative Test #1

Grade 2 Quarter 2 Summative Test #2

Grade 2 Quarter 2 Summative Test #3

Grade 2 Quarter 2 Summative Test #4

Grade 2 Quarter 2 Summative Test #5

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