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Daily Lesson Log KD-Grade 6 Quarter 2 Week 6


What can you say about the Results-Based Performance Management System?

Recently, we had our division roll-out on the new RPMS guidelines. Teachers are going to be observed four times a year or once every quarter. The Classroom observation tools will serve as our means of verification or the MOV  to be attached in the portfolio for RPMS evaluation.  What will be the result of this new mandate?

We have heard so many negative comments about RPMS. Teachers even connected the word to the future suicides of teachers. Others mentioned their early retirement because of the new mandate or they will not wait for the age of 60 to retire. Sad that many of our teachers think that this will be an additional burden to their teaching. How about you, what is our idea about RPMS?

As we listened to the roll-out seminar we have learned that we need to be observed at our expense. We are the one to choose for the schedule. On that part, we can prepare for our lessons for observation. The observation of the Principal and Master Teachers are to be counted for RPMS attachment. The Supervisor’s visit is not counted. They also need to monitor but to help the teachers with their teaching.

As we read the reflections of teachers during the seminar, many of them stated that the new mandate is just an additional burden for them. They said that too many observations can put teachers to pressure that will lead to stress. on the other side, some teachers stated that it is beneficial for them to grow more in the field of teaching.

What can you say about this new mandate? Is this really beneficial on your part? You can state your comments so we can share our heartfelt to our fellow teachers all over the country. This time, let us download our DLL for this week.

Quarter 2 Week 6 DLL. Download below.

KD DLL Q2 Week 6

Grade 1 DLL Q2 Week 6

Grade 2 DLL Q2 Week 6

Grade 3 DLL Q2 Week 6

Grade 4 DLL Q2 Week 6

Grade 5 DLL Q2 Week 6

Grade 6 DLL Q2 Week 6

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