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Anecdotal Record, Minutes Form, Templates, School Forms, E-Class Record, Certificates, Nutritional Status & more

Anecdotal Record, Minutes Form, Templates, School Forms, E-Class Record, Certificates, Nutritional Status & more

How to calm down on a stressful situation

Many of our friends from the department want to retire early in this chosen job. Some of them shared their letter on Facebook about their reason why they want to leave the Department of Education. The main reason? Stress and depression. They are pressured of their work and asking more time with self and family.

This moment of time, many of our friends want to travel and spend some time with their family this summer. Sadly, we still have to finish the requirements for RPMS. Many of our friends from the department have a hard time to accomplish the MOV’s needed to have good rating for our performance

This is our profession, our calling and our passion. Many of our friends chose to stay until retirement because of passion or there’s no other source of income. All we have to do is to deal with it, love our work and do our jobs whatever it takes. How can we help ourselves? How can we come down if stressful situation occurs?

When a stressful situation arises at work, your first instinct may be to panic. Unfortunately, severe anxiety and stress can result in fatigue. This response can cause long term damage to your health and lower your ability to perform optimally.

Many successful educators could not have reached their level of success without learning how to stay extremely calm under pressure. They have the ability to develop and maintain a particular state of readiness and mental preparedness.

Here are six tips to help you keep calm in stressful situations:

1. Stay positive.

When stressful situations occur, your mind may go in a thousand directions and will start to think negative. The more your mind wanders, the more difficult it will be for you to remain calm. Stop yourself from thinking of worst-case scenario. Instead, let go of negative thoughts and focus your mind on something positive.  

2. Don’t escalate the problem.

Say you failed to submit a report on time, your first instinct may be to think, what if you are the only person to miss the submission on time? That thought could easily lead to the question “What if I need to explain to the Principal or worst to the Superintendent?” Don’t escalate the problem. Instead, focus on the facts and work on a solution.   

3. Take care of your body.

Make your personal health a priority. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. Take time to exercise early in the morning before going to school. 10-15 minutes will do. It will help lowers the level of stress hormones and helps the body function at its highest level and will help you respond well to an emergency. 

4. Limit caffeine.

You might be tempted to run to your coffee area to grab a cup of it when you’re in a stressful situation. Caffeine will give you a quick burst of energy and physical strength, only to be followed by a crash marked by fatigue, palpitations and irritability in some cases. Hydrate yourself with water, instead of having for that cup of coffee, soda or any energy drink.

5. Call a trusted friend or mentor.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an advice to your support system during a stressful situation. When you reach out to people you truly respect and trust, you’ll feel more stable. That confidence will help you control your stress and anxiety over things. As you share your problems, you may even start to share your thoughts and might help you find a new strategy to solve problems.

6. Develop a coping strategy.

Your superior may require you to put in long hours at the office or spend weekends working at home. If you remain in a prolonged state of stress, you may cause long-term damage to your health.

Develop a coping strategy. Do a ritual you enjoy. Try to meditate in the morning after waking up. Take regular walks or join a zumba class after school. Short exercise breaks can increase stamina. These techniques can help you feel more empowered to handle stress.

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Minutes and Attendance of the Meeting 


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