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Editable Certificate of Recognition


How to Recognize Achievers in Your Classroom

Rewarding pupils for great work and behavior is one of the best perks of being a teacher. Here are the five simple ways on how to recognize pupils in their achievement inside the classroom.

  1. Give positive feedbacks to parents through Phone Calls

Parents will be overjoyed to get a phone call praising their child’s progress and kids will love that their parents get to be involved in their success.Most parents have received that dreaded phone call from a teacher notifying them that a student is misbehaving or is not doing well in a class. Positive phone calls home can make a huge difference for parents and students.

  • Giving Certificates of Recognition

Printable with colourful designs or certificate of recognition will make your pupils feel loved and recognized.  These small certificates can serve as tangible rewards for students. It doesn’t take a full ceremony to reward good behavior. Consider using small certificate or half of the size of a bond paper to reward monthly good behavior, success on exams, after periodic exams or a student who has shown improvement or a particular act of kindness

3. Good Behavior Recognition

Consider rewards like the use of a classroom library, use of new books inside the classroom, exemption from cleaning the classroom, or additional points in their conduct. Small prizes such freebies stickers and certificates are also popular with many pupils.

4. Student work display Chart

Displaying good pupils work not only models their successful work, but also recognizes their achievement. Choose several projects or assignments that show off the best work of your class and create a colorful, noticeable display location in your room. Special monthly bulletin that shows their work can highlight student achievement.

5. Giving the Spotlight

The easiest way to recognize pupil’s achievement is to point out success to the class right on the spot. For instance, a pupil who raises her hand consistently praised to the class for consistently meeting classroom expectation.  It can be powerful praise for a pupil to receive recognition from their teacher and their peers. This technique also has the additional benefit of modeling good pupil’s behavior to the entire class.

Here’s our editable Certificate of Recognition for Download. Click the file below:

*credit to Sir Christoper C. Llanera

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