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Grade 2 Quarter 1 Week 3 PPT


K-12: The Key to Success?

How familiar are you exactly with K-12? The implementation of the K-12 Program started way back in 2011. K-12 Basic Education program is a 12-year program that allows students to have sufficient time in mastering their skills and basic competencies. It aims to prepare graduates to be ready for employment and higher education.

Students will have the chance to choose among four tracks; the Academic Track, Technical-Vocational Livelihood Track, Sports Track and Arts & Design Track. As a whole, the K-12 Basic Education Program prepares the students to be globally competitive.

The Department of Education provided a voucher program for Grade 10 completers from public and private schools. This voucher program acts as a deduction when a student chooses to enroll in a non-DepEd school.

Now let’s go back to choosing among the four tracks.

Public schools, especially in the rural areas, do not have the sufficient facilities to provide every track. In some schools, tables, chairs, and even classrooms aren’t conducive to learning. The chairs are defective, the classroom is too humid and few of the electric fans installed are hardly working. There are LED monitors installed in some schools but the screen and the speakers are only convenient to those students sitting in front.

How can a student who is enrolled in a public school who wants to take the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand under the Academic Track if the school does not even have a science laboratory?

How can the students be globally competitive when the only beaker he/she sees is in a photograph?

What will happen to the students who want to enroll in Arts & Design Track if the school does not offer such course?

Was this program planned enough? Moreover, w as this program funded enough?

Hope that our government will focus on sustaining the K-12 Program for the benefit of every learner.

Please download PPT files below:

Mathematics 2 Q1 Week 3

English 2 Q1 Week 3

MTB 2 Q1 Week 3

ESP 2 Q1 Week 2

Filipino 2 Q1 Week 3

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