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Grade 1 Quarter 1 Week 3 Daily Lesson Log

Grade 1 Quarter 1 Week 3 Daily Lesson Log

Hello ka-Guro! We are on our third week! How was our week?  I’m sure many of our fellow teachers can relate to each other especially those who after how many years in teaching to that particular Grade level but transferred to either higher or lower levels.

Many changes happened inside the school. The reshuffling of teachers, the additional teaching loads, questionable workloads and many more. Some of our friends gave up other coordinatorships and responsibilities because of additional workloads given by the Principal.

We are informed that the actual teaching hours of the adviser is 360 inclusion of their advisorship. Floating teachers need to get 300 to 360 actual teaching hours plus coordinatorship and other responsibility given by their Principal or District Supervisor.

Despite the heavy loads, 3-4 preparations/ subjects, still we are able to cope up a day with a smile. This is our passion, our chosen field and our bread and butter. So, just be happy, smile and don’t let stress ruin your day. 

This time, we are going to prepare again for the next week’s lesson. We don’t want you to wait for a day to do your computer works. Wait no more, because here’s what you need! Quarter 1 Week 3 is available now for download.

Click the links below to start downloading.

**Bookmark this site for additional files update.

Download here:

ESP 1 Quarter 1 Week 3

MTB 1 Quarter 1 Week 3

Araling Panlipunan 1 Quarter 1 Week 3

Mathematics 1 Quarter 1 Week 3

MAPEH 1 Quarter 1 Week 3

**credit to Maam Sandra A. Dario

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