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Grade 4 Q1 Week 2 PPT


Educational Television Program as a Teaching Strategy

With the advancements of technology, teaching strategies are changing every day. Teachers are trying to figure the best way to utilize technology in their classroom. We always think that using multimedia can enhance the learning and indeed it is. Some teachers add videos in cartoons and learning games to make their lectures more interesting. Others use online quizzes to make learning more interactive, and music continues to be a way for students to learn and memorize.

Is it right and acceptable to use Educational shows in your class? We have a few tips for those pursuing to use television as their aid in teaching. It can help teachers on  how to integrate educational movies or shows in their teaching strategies.

Educational TV Shows Connects Your Topics Concepts

Educational television program is one of the most efficient  way teachers use nowadays to connect their the show and the concept being discusses in the class. Teachers often find that the students are more likely to stay focused on the topic if it will coordinated with visual learning.

Educational Shows From Home to the Classroom

It is important for the teachers to understand and know about the popular shows their students maybe watching at home. It help the teachers to discuss her lesson further through giving examples to what her students have watch, also for the students to further relate to the topic. For example, when English teachers learn about the popular characters in a show or movie like Stark in Avengers, they can then use those characters in a English lesson like this: Stark loves his country so much. Using this teaching strategy, it will be a big help to their students to feel connected to their learning in a new way.

Enhance Educational TV’s Audio/Visual Value

The relationship between teachers and students changes when teachers use educational television programs during class. Usually the teachers used to impart knowledge while students just absorb information. But in this days, teachers now are just the facilitator of learning and students are the one doing the activities. This applies John Deweys philosophy about education  Learning by doing. Educational videos change the status quo by in a way, making the educator and children peers who can share and discuss the viewing experience.

Here’s our Grade 4 Powerpoint Presentation Quarter 1 Week 2.

Just click the highlighted file below.

Science 4 Q1 Week 2

Math 4 Q1 Week 2

MAPEH 4 Q1 Week 2

Filipino 4 Q1 Week 2

English 4 Q1 Week 2

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