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Grade 4 Quarter 4 Week 9 Daily Lesson Log


Let us all meet and greet our fellow teachers around the Philippines! It’s almost the end of this school year. Summer is fast approaching. We can now give time to our family and friends.

Teachers are worth to have a vacation this summer. After 10 months of being together with our pupils, it’s almost over. We didn’t say that we suffer and all stressed out with our pupils, but for real, we need a break!

For sure many of our fellow teachers have already booked their flights in an anniversary plane promo or Peso fare might be.  We may be on the same flight! Where’s your destination? Who knows?

We deserve to have a vacation and give some time to our selves. Our family deserves our time. Let us explore not only the wonders of our own country but to the whole world fellow teachers! Congratulations to our fellow teachers who can afford to fly abroad.

This time, we still have a few more days so let us have our DLL for Week 9. Please click the highlighted files below. Thank you!










*credit to Sir Bien C. Cruz Jr.

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