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Grade 5 Quarter 4 Week 6 PowerPoint Presentation


Grade 5 Quarter 4 Week 6 PowerPoint Presentation

The use of PowerPoint Presentation to our Learners’ Progress

Pupils are more active in their lessons especially when their teachers are using any hi-technology materials. They are more excited to see what their teachers prepare for them. As we open the television or projectors they are more excited to see and read anything on your presentation. That is the common scenario that we observed especially when we put colorful pictures and slides in our PowerPoint presentation.

Pupils are more alive compare to the usual manila paper, strips of cartolina and other visual materials posted on the board. With the use of technology-enhanced learning, we can create more interactive lessons. Much more interesting if the classroom is Wi-Fi ready. The teacher can easily search for videos needed for the presentation.

Teachers should be acquainted enough when it comes to technology. A 21st-century teacher uses ICT in teaching. Using a PowerPoint presentations in presenting our lessons can make our life easier in school. We only need to bring our Daily Lesson Log, Curriculum Guide, Teachers Guide, a USB and other materials that would support our presentation. It is more effortless compared to the things we used to bring when we go to our classes.

Based on surveys, to give K-12 students a fighting chance in the real world, teachers, school heads and administrators must stay on top of any and all technology trends. While it’s impossible to use every piece of technology to the students’ advantage, there are some legitimate reasons (aside from the cool factor) that teachers should embrace technology in their classrooms.

In this article, you will get the compilation of PowerPoint Presentation from our fellow teacher contributors’ from all over the country. We will update these files, so please bookmark this site to receive updates. If happen to missed the previous week’s PPT, please visit our Facebook Page – Guro https://www.facebook.com/mgakaguro/ Ako: Teacher Talks and our website www.guroako.com.







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