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Grade 1 Quarter 3 Week 7 Daily Lesson Log


Grade 1 Quarter 3 Week 7 Daily Lesson Log

Classroom Observations for Teacher

Classroom observation plays a central role in teaching. Either it is planned or surprise visit from your superior, we need to prepare our lessons. We need to decide what material to cover and how to cover it a week before the observation. Planning for a good strategy and materials for teaching is important. The behavior of our students should be controlled also, so we can be comfortable if there is observation. Because of this control, having an observation by a superior can be intimidating or frustrating.

Still, there are several benefits to having a class observation that can help you become a better teacher. Classroom observation is one way of our superiors to help teachers in need of assistance. Supervisors, Principals, and Master teachers are there not to criticize, but to help on strategies we used in teaching and help improve classroom instructions.

Right now, in some Divisions, classroom observation is ongoing to fill in our COT for the 2nd time. A week to go before Christmas holiday but still, we have scheduled our observation for this month. Hope this would not stress our teachers in preparing their lessons and materials. Thanks for the early holiday vacation so we could plan getaways with our loved ones.

This time here’s our DLL for Quarter 3 Week 7. Please open the highlighted files below to download.

ESP 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

Araling Panlipunan 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

MTB 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

Math 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

Filipino 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

English 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

MAPEH 1 Q3 Week 7 DLL

***credit to the rightful owner of these files

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