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Grade 6 Quarter 2 Week 8 PowerPoint Presentation


Grade 6 Quarter 2 Week 8 PowerPoint Presentation

A great day to everyone! Before you download our PPT files try to read the article below on having a positive attitude at work. Thank you!

Positive Attitude at Work

Having a positive attitude at work can help you to become successful and generally will make you enjoy your job more. However, many people struggle with this, especially those who don’t love their jobs. How can you keep a positive attitude at your workplace?

#1: Fix the issue quickly.

No one likes a chronic complainer, but if there are clear reasons, report the problems to your School head or Principal if you find it hard to stay positive. If you don’t speak up when there’s a problem, no one is going to fix the issue. When reporting problems, however, always be professional. Avoid aggressive behaviors. Try to go to your Superior not just with complaints, but with proposed solutions that will work well for everyone.

#2: Treat with respect.

It is very important to treat your co-teachers with respect. It is easier to stay positive at your workplace if you like the work environment, including your co-teachers. It’s easy to get started on the wrong foot. However, if you treat others with respect and do your best to see issues from their point of view, the working relationships will be much less stressful.

#3: Get enough sleep.

We all feel a little grumpy when we’re tired. Chances are, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, it will be extremely hard to maintain a good attitude at work. Some people only need 4-5 hours of sleep per night. Others need 9 or 10 to feel rested. Don’t rely on “catching up” on the weekends. Go to bed earlier so you get the sleep you need to feel positive.

#4: Be aware of negative thoughts.

Start to be more aware of your thoughts, words, and actions. Think about what would happen if you forced yourself to look at the situation in the opposite way – the positive way. Try to say yes, believing you can do something, feeling confident in your abilities, or feeling happy to do a task.

Start to be aware of these emotions and think about whether or not they are actually justified. Reading books on how to assess positive and negative thoughts may help you learn more positive thinking techniques to use in everyday situations.

#5: Understanding your stress.

It’s really hard to maintain a positive attitude at work if you’re stressed about your marriage or relationship, your kids, your finances, or other problems. Look at your overall stress level and identify the things in your life that make it hard to have a positive attitude. An overall understanding of your stress can help you start to enjoy your job more.

#6: Set your goal.

One of the best ways to overcome these feelings of negativity and the idea that you’d not doing anything important is to sit down and list down your goals. What do you hope to achieve in your carrier? Don’t just think about the goals on a small scale either. Review your goals every 6 to 12 months to stay on track and set new benchmarks for success. As an added benefit, doing this can give you grounds to be outstanding in your field.

#7: Smile!

If you feel negative often at work, try to remember to smile. Simply smiling, even when you don’t feel happy, can automatically put you in a better mood. Smile as you answer your pupil’s question. Smile at your co-teachers even they will not smile back at you.  Smile even while you are by yourself. Yes, this can really help you have a more positive attitude at work! This also can help other people think of you as a positive and friendly person.  Studies also suggest that smiling can even help you live longer.

#8: Love your work.

Our job is part of our life. If you hate your job, your co-teachers, and the school you work for, just think when the workday is over, you get to go home. Whenever you start to feel negative while at work, look at the clock and remember that in just a few hours, you’ll be able to punch that time clock and do something you enjoy more, whether that is spending time with loved ones, participating in a hobby, or even just relaxing in front of the television. Your job is just part of your life, so stay positive, collect that paycheck, and remember that you’ll be heading home soon!

Hope this will help us face our everyday challenge at work. This time please download our PPT files below.





ESP Q2 W8 D1-5


AP Q2 W8 


TLE – Handtools for Furniture Repair


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