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Grade 3 Quarter 2 Week 7 PowerPoint Presentation


Grade 3 Quarter 2 Week 7 PowerPoint Presentation

Our Role as Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in molding the lives of the students. We educate their minds. We shape them. We teach them what is right from wrong. We share with them our experiences, our expertise, our everything.

What makes a Filipino teacher different from the teachers of other countries?

Our educational system is not perfect. It will never be perfect. The government, through DepEd can’t suffice our needs. Our pay is not that high compared to other countries. We are bombarded with paper works, community works, and countless non-teaching activities. We are expected to perform our duty with grace under pressure. We are what the society wants us to be.

We provide handouts, visual aids, and other instructional materials because we understand that our learners don’t have books. We always make sure that our classrooms are clean, beautiful and safe because it is our and the students’ “second home”. We enroll to graduate school programs, attend countless seminars and read thousands of books because we are firm believers that education is a continuous process. We work hand in hand with other government agencies such as DOH and DSWD. We serve during elections, disasters, and other community-related activities. We work more than what our job requires to do.

Yes, we can always say NO. Yes, we can just get out of the system if we don’t want it anymore. Yes, the salary is not high. Yes, we are not well-appreciated and recognized. Yes, we chose to be in this profession. Yes, teachers are not perfect.

And yes, we will never ever give up.

Teaching is not just a “job”. It is not like any other professions. It is truly a vocation. We are called not just to teach but to touch lives. We are the catalysts of truth. We are our learners’ role model. We are beyond what we think we are. We are God’s gift to anyone.

So, to all the teachers out there, let’s keep the fire burning. Paper works, problems, and challenges will always be there. We just have to be positive and show to everyone that nothing and no one can take us down.

Accepting any challenge in life with patience, determination, positive vision and faith in God proves that Filipino teachers are different from teachers in other parts of the world.

-Teacher Morishka Nicole Uy of Cebu City Division


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