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Grade 2 PowerPoint Presentation Quarter 2 Week 2


Grade 2 PowerPoint Presentation Quarter 2 Week 2

Greetings of Peace to all of us! Welcome to our website!

In this site, you are going to download PowerPoint Presentation for Quarter 2 Week 2. The use of PPT in presenting our lesson is very much easy and stress-free compare to the usual visual aids we post on the board. Still, we need to think of additional materials that we are going to use in the class. Use objects, or colorful materials to represent things during motivation, presentation of the lesson and during group activities to make our class more enjoyable.

As a 21st century teacher, we are going to expand the use of ICT in teaching. Most of the teachers from the schools located in the city are now using LED or Smart Television in presenting their lessons. In other Division, they are using TELA (Technology Enhanced Learning Approach) in Teaching. It is more interactive and pupils are able to experience lessons with the use of the internet. We hope that schools will be provided with a wide internet range so we can also use it in our lessons.

We aim to provide you with all grade PowerPoint Presentation files from KD to Grade 6 every week. This is a collaborative work from our fellow teachers and our team. We are sincerely thankful for the generosity and kindness in sharing their work. You made the life of every teacher easy in teaching. Indeed, you are our modern heroes of today. We salute you all!

To facilitate our their work, we share them in groups so it will be easily seen. Our website is also doing well, no negative feedback from our viewers and the server is faster than before. We do not have pop-ups ads and other annoying advertisements to make it easier for you to download files.

If you want to help us, please share our files with your friends and co-teachers to support our contributors. Please don’t forget to like our Facebook PageĀ  https://www.facebook.com/mgakaguro/. Just bookmark the post and files you want to make it easier to find.

Again, thank you very much and, long live Teachers!




*we update files, please bookmark this site


**credit to the rightful owners of each file

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