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Grade 1 Quarter 2 Week 3 Daily Lesson Log


Grade 1 Quarter 2 Week 3 Daily Lesson Log

Prepare for a Classroom Observation

We need to be ready every day for a classroom observation. Announce or not announced, be ready! If you are ready, you are confident enough to go to school and no stress if there is a surprise visitor in your class to observe.

To prepare for classroom observation you need to prepare your Curriculum Guide, Teachers Guide, Learners Manual if available and your DLL. Your DLL should be intact or put it in a clear book. If you have classes in other rooms, make sure to bring with you the mentioned materials for the observer’s reference to your lesson.

Make sure to read your DLL after you download to check if it is in line with your lesson.  Check the name of the DLL downloaded and make sure that it is your name in it and not the original owner of the file. Read to understand so it is easy to answer if you are being asked by the observer. Reflection part of the DLL should be filled in. It is important to write on our reflections after every class for us to know if our learners understood the lesson.

Just be prepared always for an observation to have a confidence every day in coming to school. Just provide what they want to see on your table. If you want files, leave it to us. We provide Daily Lesson Log, PowerPoint Presentations, and other downloadable files for free.

Our team aims to provide you with the complete Daily Lesson Log from Quarter 1 to Quarter 4. We will also provide you with other files like the Summative Tests, Examinations, PowerPoint Presentations and other downloadable materials that will help our work easy. We update DLLs according to the budget of works and anchored with the Curriculum Guide and Teachers Guide.

With loads of reports and paper works, we already have toxic days at school so, there’s no place for a toxic website. Here, we have teacher friendly ads, enough to keep our contributors going. We provide you with the faster server to have a hassle –free downloading experience. Just hang on with us and get your DLL and other Instructional Materials for free.

If you need the previous week’s DLL or other files, just visit our website to www.guroako.com and type the file you need in the search bar. Follow us on our Facebook page- Guro Ako: Teacher Talks to receive updates of uploaded files. We update what we upload every time so please bookmark the site you need for easy access.

Here’s our DLL for Quarter 2 Week 3. Please open the highlighted files below.

AP 1 Q2 W3 DLL






All Subjects below:

Q2 Week 3 Day 1 HOLIDAY

Q2 Week 3 Day 2

Q2 Week 3 Day 3

Q2 Week 3 Day 4

***Credit to the rightful owner of these files

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Please visit our website for more! www.guroako.com

Thank you!

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