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Grade 6 PowerPoint Presentation Quarter 1 Week 9


Grade 6 PowerPoint Presentation Quarter 1 Week 9

Classroom Observations and Teachers

Classroom observation plays a central role in teaching. It may be your Principal Supervisor or the Master Teacher assigned in your Grade Level.  You need to prepare well for every lesson in the event that someone asks to observe your teaching.

But, whether you’ve been teaching for two years or 20, you’ll probably agree: Being observed is nerve-racking! How should you act? What should you say? What should you do? Will your students be on their best behaviour? What if they’re not? This might be planned or surprise observations, just relax, have a deep breath, you can do it!

Aside from the behaviour of our students, we should need to prepare our lessons if it is a planned observation. We need to decide what material to cover and how to cover it a week before the observation.  We tell our students the behaviour we expect and assign homework, they will have to complete. Because of this control, having an observation by a superior can be intimidating or frustrating. We are not accustomed to others telling us how to behave.

Still, there are several benefits to having a class observation that can help you become a better teacher. Classroom observation is a way for the superiors help teachers in need of assistance. Supervisors, Principals and Master teachers are there not to criticize you, but to help you regarding on strategies you used in teaching and help you improve you classroom instructions.

Right now, in some Divisions, classroom observation has being postponed due to the appeal by our fellow teachers in connection to the death of Teacher Emmylou from Eastern Visayas, Leyte Division and to other reports of suicide caused of too much stress from our work. We hope that this serves as a wakeup call to the Department of Education to put some care to our Teachers.


Here’s our  Powerpoint Presentation for Q1 Week 9









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Grade 6 Quarter 1 Week 9 Daily Lesson Log

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