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Grade 5 Pre-Test

Grade 5 Pre-Test

Pretest as Diagnostic Tool

 It identifies the slow and weak pupil in the class.

Through having the test you can get a fairly good idea about the weak students in your class. In most cases, their scores are close to the bottom of the class. Weak and slow pupils don’t even finish answering all of the questions on the test. When these same pupils take the post-test, the improvement in their scores over the pre-test is much less than other pupils or in all indications this measures that topics were not learned in the course.

It identifies the strongest students in a class.

The pupils who scored 80% on the pretest usually turn out to be the best students in the class. If you have students scored 95 or above, in most cases, they have demonstrated gifted and talented characteristics.

It identifies topics which the students already know.

If the students got 75 – 80 percent correct answers on a certain topic, this would indicate that most of them already know the lesson or the subject matter. In fact, if 60 percent of your students scored more than 75 on the pre-test then expect that they are familiar with the topics you are going to discuss.

It identifies topics which the students have not learned.

If we are going to compare the result of pretest and posttest, a much higher post-test result should indicate that a student has learned what you have taught on certain topics. If the post-test score is lower than the pre-test score or if the scores are about the same, it indicates that topics were not learned during the time it was taught.

Here’s our Grade 5 Pre-Test.

Just click the highlighted file below.





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