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Kinder Quarter 4 Week 5 and 6 DLL


Kinder Quarter 4 Week 5 and 6 DLL


Hi ka-Guro! It’s week six. Please read our article before you download our Daily lesson log. This time I would like to put emphasis on the value of sports to Education. How important is Sports to our students?

The educational value of sports: The necessity of sports is felt to be so great in life.

  • Sports and games impart a sense of discipline, fellow-feeling and togetherness.
  • They teach the value of time and how it is important to note how a minute, a fraction of a minute and even of second decides the future of a young sportsman in the field of competition.
  • With proper training in sports and games, students become active, sportive, dashing, daring and adventurous capable of meeting the challenges in future life.
  • Sports and games are the right avenues to channelize the energy and vitality of students and make their leisure hours worthwhile.
  • The spirit of competition is inculcated in most cases by sports and games.
  • A forum is made available for physical fitness.
  • The greatest educational value of the sports and games is to provide stimulation for study and for hard work.

Right now we are aiming to be on top for the Palarong Pambansa. Many of our co-teachers today are out in school for their regional meet to choose the best athlete for the Palarong Pambansa. We aim for the best. Hope that we can select the best.

Thanks for reading ka-Guro! This time here’s our DLL. Just download the highlighted files below to get the file.




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