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Big Book for Download


Big Book for Download

Why is it important to have big Illustrations in teaching?

 Bigger illustrations make the reader more convinced of what they are reading. Children will need time and opportunities to enjoy and respond to the pictures and to talk together about what the illustrations contribute to their understanding of the text.

Responding to illustration
Children are naturally drawn to the illustrations in a picture book. They are far more observant than an adult reader.

Time spent focusing on illustration can contribute to children’s ability to read for meaning, express their ideas and respond to the texts they encounter.

Illustrating Characters
Children who are less confident to begin with illustrating characters can see where starting points are, the shapes that are used to build up characters and how detail such as proportion, facial expression, clothing, and props can add layers of understanding about character and emotion.

Drawing characters focuses attention on them: how they look; what they say; how they behave. To build their ideas of what a character is like, children have to refer to the text. They can also be encouraged to draw on the language of the text in making annotations around the drawings.

Illustrating story settings or key events prompt children to imagine what a scene looks like, or visualize it from a particular viewpoint. Like drama, it enables children to enter the world of the story and provides support for writing.

Try this big book we’ve made for you. Just adjust the size you want. Happy downloading!

Si Pagong at Si Kuneho Size # 1

Si Pagong at Si Kuneho (Big Size)

Big Book_The Boy Who Cried Wolf # 1


***credit to Maam RMTM of SSCES

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