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Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log Quarter 3 Week 4


Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log Quarter 3 Week 4

Hello mga ka Guro! Kumusta po? Before you download to our DLL for Q3 week 4, please take time to read this article:

What can we say about teachers debts? How can we live free from debts? How can we have financial freedom?

Teachers’ debts
Briones noted that the issue of teachers’ debts is a decades-old drama starring the teachers as borrowers, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and private lending institutions (PLIs) as lenders, and the DepEd, which deducts loan payments authorized by teachers to be paid to GSIS and PLIs.

She further noted that of these four actors, the teacher/borrower who spends the borrowed money, and the GSIS and PLIs who earn interest benefit from the borrowing activity, DepEd benefits the least. It merely deducts loan payments on the basis of authorizations issued by the teacher/borrower.

Briones reiterated that the DepEd is exploring measures that will enable teaching and non-teaching personnel to manage their finances to prepare for a better future. These are reduction of interest rates on loans through the expansion of the DepEd Provident Fund and coordination with GSIS on loan buyouts, which will restructure an employee-borrower’s PLI loans. GSIS will offer lower interest rates on a longer payment term.

The damage of overborrowing on lives of teachers and their families has been going on for years and it can no longer continue. In 2016 alone, 26,000 teachers could not avail of their retirement benefits due to unpaid loans. DepEd has initiated intensive financial literacy courses for teachers.

“Two new laws (Republic Act No. (RA) 10679 and RA 10922) mandate us to teach financial literacy to students. But I think, if you want to teach financial literacy to students, you have to start with the teachers,” Briones concluded.

We suggest that teachers should have training in financial management and proper handling of finances, for as to retire with financial stability.

Source: DepEd Newsletter

Thanks for reading! Here’s our Grade 6 DLL Q3 Week 4. Click the highlighted files below.

MAPEH 6 DLL Quarter 3 Week 4

Science 6 DLL Quarter 3 Week 4

Araling Panlipunan 6 DLL Quarter 3 Week 4

TLE  H.E 6 DLL Quarter 3 Week 4


TLE I.A 6 Quarter 3 Week 4 DLL

ESP 6 Quarter 3 Week 4 DLL

English 6 Quarter 3 Week 4 DLL

Mathematics 6 Quarter 3 Week 4 DLL


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