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English 6 Learners’ Manual (LM) Quarter 3


English 6 Learners’ Manual (LM) Quarter 3

Hi mga ka-Guro! We all agree that we still striving so hard to get K-12 materials. Some Grade  6 teachers admitted that there have been delays in the past in the delivery of learning materials such as activity sheets and modules for their pupils.

In some places, materials are still not available. We have  Textbooks but only available in some places and it’s for sale. Our Deped Secretary mentioned that materials were already developed and ready for distribution but when?

 Our Department also mentioned that all the shortages in resources such as classrooms, teacher items, textbooks, and chairs will be fixed. In reality, there are still shortages of materials especially in Grade 6.
We hope that our Department will focus on the full implementation of the K-12 curriculum through providing complete materials, not just for the pupils but also for the teachers.
As for now, let us all be thankful for what we’ve got. Here are our Learners’ Manual (LM) 3rd Quarter for Grade 6 in ENGLISH
You may now start downloading. Click the highlighted files below.

***credit to LRMDS

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