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Bulletin Board Display 3rd Quarter (Grade 2)


Bulletin Board Display 3rd Quarter (Grade 2)

Hello mga ka- Guro! Here’s our 3rd Quarter Bulletin Display for Grade 2. Easy to download files are all available on our website www.guroako.com. Please support our contributors ka-Guro by liking and sharing our page Guro Ako. Maraming Salamat ka-Guro!

Bulletin board is our educational tool that introduces our new lessons. It so beneficial to every pupil because it will help them to be more aware of what will be the lesson to be discussed.

It is a self-teaching tool for pupils because it will explain the lessons through illustrations and pictures. Interaction inside the classroom may start with topics posted in the bulletin. Teachers should make sure that the bulletin is colorful or attractive to the learners.

It is encouraged that every teacher should provide bulletin board in their classroom. It should be updated every quarter so that it will be helpful to the learners for their upcoming lessons.

A busy schedule of a teacher is not a reason of the absence of Bulletin inside the classroom. It is part of our duty to restructure our rooms for a better learning of our pupils. Conducive classrooms include proper set up of bulletin boards.

Let us not deprive our learners of these beautiful attractions inside our classroom. Have time to download our 3rd Quarter Bulletin in all subjects and change your board display as soon as possible.

You may now start downloading. Please click and download the highlighted files. Thank you and have a happy life ka-Guro!

Bulletin Board Display Q3 Grade 2_All Subjects

Here’s another version, please click the file below:

Bulletin Board Display Q3 Grade 2_All Subjects


***credits to the original editors of these files


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