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8 reasons why Teachers deserve a higher salary!


8 Reasons Teachers Deserve a Pay Raise

1 – Meetings with the admin – While your children ride home at 3 p.m.(or earlier) teachers go to staff meetings and professional development after hours. Sometimes these meetings last until almost 6 p.m., and that’s after we arrive at school between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. to get ready for the day and act as holding tanks for children whose parents drop them off before school begins so that they can get to work.

2 – Lesson Plans – Although it may seem like lesson plans wouldn’t take up much time because of availability in the internet, the truth is that any good teacher spends hours developing lesson plans and then revising them constantly as they monitor student progress. This happens during planning periods, but many teachers, especially special education teachers, lose their planning time to meetings and wind up doing these after school hours.

3 – Parent Meetings – We always appreciate it when parents are involved with the education of their children, but that also means meeting with parents either during the fabled “planning” time and after school. Sometimes parents just drop in without notice and want a meeting, but most of these meetings are planned.

4 – Working Lunches – Elementary and most Middle School teachers eat while supervising children because lunchtime would otherwise be a time for a great amount of chaos and poor behavior choices to occur. There are a lot of students who cannot handle this unstructured time without adults present, so we eat while we work. Sometimes that means our food gets cold while we deal with situations that happen during lunch, and sometimes that means we go without eating lunch at all.

5 – Counseling Sessions – While we’re not certified counselors, if we’re doing our jobs correctly, students develop a deep sense of trust in us and confide in us about a variety of topics ranging from an argument with a friend to much more traumatic events. What we do with this information depends on the situation, but we take that time out because we care about and nurture our students.

6 – Free Tutoring Sessions – Some students struggle with school more than others, so as teachers, we set aside extra time before or after school to help these students. It often pays off for all of us when it comes to student success, but it also means more must be done at other times to keep up with grading and lesson plans.

7 – Behind the Scenes – Hey, this desk doesn’t stay this immaculate on its own! If you see a clean desk in a classroom, that means the teacher has either built a lot of time into setting up an organizational system or has spent some time straightening up after a long day of teaching. No matter what I do, my desk always winds up looking like a disaster at the end of the day, and this means I have to get it ready for the next day. Don’t forget that this means I have all of the other things (see #1-6) to do on top of this task.

8 – No time for their own family – Of course when the teachers take a lot of time to focus on students that really needs attention and tutorial, they have to sacrifice some time they have to give it to their students that leads to misunderstanding of the family. Sadly, even on Saturdays and Sundays if the School Head orders to report to school, poor teachers have no choice but to report.

These are just some of the reasons why teachers need to have salary increase. Hopefully our wish will be granted this year!

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