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Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log (DLL) Quarter 2 Week 7


Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log (DLL) Quarter 2 Week 7

Greetings of Peace Ka-Guro! Before you download, please take time to read our article about the importance of instructional materials.

THE IMPORTANCE OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS           As a Teacher, I am aware that my students are unique individuals and there are important factors to be considered in constructing an effective instructional material. Here are the factors: diverse user interests, abilities, backgrounds, cultures, languages, and maturity levels.

Materials intended for student use should be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, social development, ability levels, special needs, and learning styles of students served by the collection. The Materials to be selected should support, enrich and extend the school’s curriculum and encourage informational, educational and recreational reading, viewing and/or listening.

Well, we all know that Teachers at all levels utilize a variety of instructional materials such as textbooks, presentation, and handouts to enhance the quality of their lessons. The quality of those materials directly impacts the quality of teaching. Knowing how to find the best instructional materials is a valuable skill for a teacher to have.

The importance of Instructional Materials or Educational resources is to improve students’ knowledge, abilities, and skills, to monitor their assimilation of information, and to contribute to their overall development and upbringing. It also clarifies important concepts to arouse and sustain the student’s interests, give all students in a class the opportunity to share experiences necessary for new learning, help make learning more permanent.

Knowing the criteria for evaluating instructional materials is very important to make teaching effective and meaningful.

Here are some criteria’s:

Content Alignment

Content Aligns with curriculum and standards, and is current, valid and reliable, with real-world examples. Design to meet the interest of the individual learners from various skill levels. Enhances conceptual understanding and engages higher order thinking skills. Free from bias.

Equity and Accessibility

Materials are durable, easily stored, transported and are universally accessible. Materials are easily updated and are adaptable and customizable to match the resources of the school.


Materials are appropriate for the subject matter, and also appropriate for the learner’s capacity or levels of learning. Presentation Comprehensiveness of student and teacher resources; alignment of instructional components; organization of instructional materials; readability of instructional materials; parsing of content; ease of use and durability of materials.


Technology in education is most simply and comfortably defined as an array of tools that might prove helpful in advancing student learning and may be measured on how and why individuals behave. Practitioners in educational technology seek new and effective ways of organizing the teaching and learning process through the best possible application of technological developments.

These activities rely upon a body of knowledge for successful and ethical implementation, rather than routine tasks or isolated technical skills. The materials used for teaching should not be expensive, as long as it eyes captivating and catches the attention of the students then it is an effective instructional material.


Teaching is a total package; it is true that teacher is the best instructional material because the teacher is the one who manages the classroom. As the saying goes “you are the captain of your mind and the master of your soul” teacher is the captain of the classroom because of molding the minds of the students to become competent and independent individuals when it comes to excellence.

Master of the classroom because of proving good feedback and developing the potential of the students through nurturing their minds to the possibilities in life. Using strategies or techniques that are varied to make teaching effective and meaningful is also a big factor for the students so that they can build confidence and have mastery of the subject matter.

_article by RMTM

Thanks for reading!

Here’s our Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log (DLL) Quarter 2 Week 7 , Download now!

ESP 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

English 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

Mathematics 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

Filipino 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

Science 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

Araling Panlipunan 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

EPP ICT 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

EPP Agri 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7

MAPEH 4 DLL Quarter 2 Week 7


***credit to Sir. Bien C. Cruz Jr.


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