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1st Periodical Exam_Grade 5


1st Periodical Exam_Grade 5

Featuring: Do we really need to have Examinations in School?

An examination is one way to measure our child’s intellect and working knowledge on any given subject. Many of the pupils’ important qualities in life are formed and built up through tests. Among these qualities are hard work, patience, creativeness, sense of pride and more.

Possessing these mentioned abilities, pupils may encounter problems easier to solve, thus it will help them grow up, prove their abilities and overcome their fears and weaknesses in order to be successful in their sooner life.

Exams should be fun and exciting for pupils. Teachers in public schools are evaluating pupils not just through examinations but also in their performances and outputs in every subject. Teachers should help their pupils to feel challenged in every activity that he or she may show her talent and abilities.

Once, we heard that examination should be abolished. However, they are essential because it will test pupils’ skills and enable them to overcome their nerves. They may forget the lessons, which have been learned, as times goes by.

However, examinations may test greater range and it is an efficient way to measure the knowledge.This is why we have examinations for such reasons.

Below is the compilation of Test Questions for our 1st Periodical Exam_Grade 5. Feel free to check each file if it suits in your class.

Please click the highlighted files.

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1st Periodical Exam in Mathematics 5

1st Periodical Exam in Science 5

1st Periodical Exam in Araling Panlipunan 5

1st Periodical Exam in English 5

1st Periodical Exam in ESP 5

1st Periodical Exam in Filipino 5

1st Periodical Exam in MAPEH 5

1st Periodical Exam in EPP 5

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***credits to the owners of each file


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