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Short Stories (Featuring: Tips on how to improve the Reading Skills of our kids)


Reading skills are critical for children’s development. The link between competency in reading and overall attainment are clearly connected.

Below are some key benefits of engaging children in reading from the earliest opportunity.

Reading is key for future success
By supporting children to read in their leisure time at every age, by looking at reading through picture or chapter books for example, parents can help to ensure that children are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in later life.

 A deep engagement with storytelling and great literature link directly to emotional development in primary children.

This correlation between an appreciation for books and reading levels demonstrates the importance of children gaining exposure to texts at a young age.

Reading helps to develop a number of skills
Reading makes pupils more articulate, develops higher order reasoning, and promotes critical thinking.

Once children have mastered the ability to read they will be able to have access to a wider breadth of language that they can use in their oral and written communications.

As children read they will need to process information about character, themes and plot and decode words, all of which will help develop their comprehension skills.

Here’s some tips on how to develop the reading skills of our kids.

  • make use of your reading time wisely, and  make reading time fun by choosing interesting stories and choose books pupils would enjoy
  • talk about the pictures and characters in the books and make up your own stories
  • do one-on-one reading and make a list of each child’s progress
  • show pictures of familiar sites in the community with the name in it for familiarization
  • make your reading corner or mini library functional for the pupils
  • provide books in your reading corner that is appropriate for their age
  • make them feel the importance of reading in an early age

Below are Short Stories we can use to enhance pupils’ reading skills.

click the link below:

exercise 1

exercise 2

exercise 3

exercise 4

exercise 5

exercise 6

exercise 7

exercise 8

exercise 9

exercise 10

exercise 11

exercise 12

exercise 13

exercise 14

exercise 15

exercise 16

exercise 17

exercise 18

exercise 19

exercise 20

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