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Curriculum Guides_ Kindergarten to Grade 12


Curriculum Guides_ Kindergarten to Grade 12

Why do we need to have a Curriculum Guide?

The word ‘curriculum’ is derived from the Latin word ‘curers’ which means to run. So ‘curriculum’ is a course or path which one runs to reach a goal.

Thus curriculum includes the subject matter and all learning experiences arranged by the school for a particular subject.

The needs of life go on changing, so is education, hence we cannot go on with a static curriculum. The content has to be selected according to the changing needs of society in general and the subject in particular. The curriculum has to be planned and organized in a scientific manner keeping in view the psychological requirements of the students.

If the curriculum is properly organized, it enables the students to know the subject matter which they have to study. On the other hand, it also makes clear to the teacher, the material that they have to teach to the students. It also provides the same facility to the examiner.

A curriculum is considered the “heart” of any learning institution which means that schools cannot exist without a curriculum. With its importance in formal education, a curriculum has become a dynamic process due to the changes that occur in our society.

Teachers don’t walk into the classroom not knowing what to teach and when to teach it. If education worked that way, it would be chaotic! Instead, states, districts, and individual schools help define what material teachers cover by creating a curriculum guide, a guide that outlines material teachers need to cover.

Here’s what we’ve got for you! Complete and updated Curriculum Guides from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Click the links below to get your copy.


CG.Araling Panlipunan

CG.Math_with tagged math equipment

CG.Science_with tagged sci equipment_revised




CG.Mother Tongue



CG.Health_with tagged math equipment



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