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E-Class Record Templates_Grade 1- Grade 6

E-Class Record Templates_Grade 1- Grade 6

The Department of Education (DepEd) provides these Electronic Class Record (ECR) Templates free for use by all public school teachers. The templates allow for computation of grades consistent with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015, also known as the Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program.

The use of Electronic Class Record is advised to be used by all Public School teachers to ensure the accuracy of grading and ranking pupils. Many teachers find the E- Class Record very helpful in recording child’s performance in school. Sad to say that, there are some teachers who are still practicing the old way of recording. They are not used to in using technology nowadays.

The Department of Education should provide another training especially to those teachers who need to refresh their knowledge in using computers and other technology- related techniques in teaching. There are many tools and strategies we can use in teaching that is available on the internet.

Mountain of information is available on many websites. Overwhelming ideas that can help every teacher in their everyday life in school. One of this is the Electronic Class Record that is very useful to every teacher. You can simply open it through your cell phones and simply enter the score/ grade of your pupils.

To ensure sustainability and to minimize technical difficulty, the designed templates of the E- Class records were simplified using basic features used in a spreadsheet file. User manuals are also provided to guide teachers on how to use the ECR templates.

Just click the links below to start your download.

GRADE 1_E-Class Record Templates


GRADE 2_E-Class Record Templates

GRADE 3_E-Class Record Templates

GRADE 4-6_E-Class Record Templates

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